Video: Nico Cartosio – Melting (Official Video)


Music fans all over the globe appreciated a story about a composer in love, ready to do anything to make his beloved lady smile. Video for the track “Melting” has gathered 5.8 million of views in 20 days.

In no time composer Nico Cartosio will release his first album, containing eight beautiful compositions. “Melting”, which is already loved by the audience, takes special place in the album. It is a tender composition glorifying love and romantic bravery. The video was shot in Rome, the city of love. The plot is based on a real story of a composer who early in the morning brought his old piano on the block-stone pavement under the windows of his sweetheart and started playing in order to make her happy.

Nico Cartosio told journalists that it was meeting a real girl that led to creation of this masterpiece (as it is called by critics). He met her in Rome one early spring and because of this acquaintance a melody which now regales Nico’s fans, was born. Feasting his eyes upon the girl in rays of fading sunlight, our composer got to know what the word “melting” means. The music video was presented just three weeks ago, but during this short period it was watched by almost 6 million people. The video is being disseminated not only on social media, but also on subject blogs and music forums.

Also, there was a curious story that happened while filming. It suddenly started raining, but, nevertheless, the camera crew continued their work. Nico Cartosio took this unexpected weather gift rather philosophically telling that God showed what “Melting” means in reality.

The release of the first album is set on the 17th of April.

Composer’s debut album is named after this track. The album itself consists of eight singles for a reason. The artist believes in a Tibetan legend, which says that there are eight cold hells on Earth where souls of sinners get after their death to be frozen forever. And he believes that people put their souls in these hells by themselves. Each of the tracks symbolizes a certain stage which a soul passes when travelling through hells. “Melting” is a song from the depth of one’s heart. It gives hope for a wanderer to escape and be born anew.

After the first video by Cartosio gained loads of views, his works were noticed by British producers. So, he got the chance to work on his album on the well-known record studio Abbey Road. Famous musicians as The Beatles, Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Amy Winehouse used to record their songs here.

Moreover, the composer was lucky enough to work together with the best musicians of a London symphonic orchestra. It was them who created soundtracks for “Harry Potter”, “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, “The Batman” and many other popular movies. That’s why music experts are handing out complimentary reviews to Cartosio’s debut disc in advance.

You can check out this spring’s warmest composition by yourselves:


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